Waveforms Pilates

Using Pilates to bring form and intention to movement, to allow you to move with ease and stay in motion through all the stages of life.  

Waveforms Pilates is a movement studio of Certified Pilates Instructors specializing in one-on-one Pilates equipment training & small group Pilates mat classes, by appointment only. Pilates is truly for any body, and Waveforms is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a fitness program tailored to your specific goals or physical considerations. Pilates equipment is spring resistance based, and helps build uniform muscle and flexibility.  Our small group mat classes are capped at 8 participants to ensure that everyone is getting individualized attention.

Waveforms Pilates provides not just instructors, but Pilates and movement educators, to support you in your personal goals and help you develop a connected body and mind.  We take a contemporary approach to the Pilates Method layering in anatomy and exercise science, along with customizing the sessions to fit your specific body and needs.

We are located just off of downtown Neenah, at 210 S. Commercial Street, Neenah, WI 54956.

Molly Jo Mathe

Pilates & Neuro-movement Teacher

Studio Owner & Director

Being a dancer for most of her life, Molly Jo originally found that Pilates was a great way to maintain balance in her body through vigorous dance rehearsals, performances, and injuries.  Since then, she has been captivated by the profound work of Pilates and Neuro-movement and enthralled by its opportunity for creativity, long term change, and pain management within herself and her students.  Molly Jo believes that Pilates is for every body of every age, and that it’s never too late to take charge of your own health and movement practice.

Molly Jo graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point in 2012 where she studied anatomy, movement analysis, and movement efficiency.  While she finished her degree, Molly Jo also completed her Pilates Mat I and II certifications through Balanced Body.  In January 2014, she graduated from the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program in Chicago, IL and has been teaching Pilates full time ever since. She also holds certifications in Exercise for Parkinson’s & Multiple Sclerosis, Senior Fitness, Pilates for Pregnancy, and Neuro-movement.  Drawing experience from her extensive dance training and specialty certifications, Molly Jo works with each of her students in a unique way in order to help improve their quality of life and their relationship with their body.  She loves to implement creative teaching methods to shape a fun and informative learning environment where students can achieve their goals with a sense of enthusiasm, appreciation, and joy.

Nani Andres
Pilates Teacher

Nalani (Nani) Andres is an island girl from Hawaii who is now living her best Pilates-inspired life in Wisconsin. With a background in sports growing up and knowledge of mechanical engineering, Nani understands and teaches Pilates in a unique way. She views movement from both a bio-mechanical and a movement standpoint. 

In 2016 Nani received a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University, but three years into her job as an engineer she realized she needed a stress reliever. She googled, “Pilates near me,” and this is how her Pilates journey with Waveforms Pilates started. Pilates provided Nani with the perfect combination of a mental stress relief and a physical challenge. Nani was so inspired by her hobby that she decided to quit her engineering job and dive headlong into Pilates. She completed the Balanced Body Teacher Training Program in January 2021 and is excited to share her knowledge of Pilates with others. 

All her life Nani wanted to help people live better lives, and she realized Pilates was the perfect avenue for her to live out her vision. She’s excited to be part of the Waveforms Pilates team, and looks forward to helping people become the healthiest version of themselves! In her free time, Nani loves spending quality time with her husband, Zach, and pup, Rooney, playing strategy games, putting together puzzles, and building legos.


Our brains process information from our environment through three primary sensory systems: visual, vestibular, and proprioception.  When there are gaps in these systems it affects our body’s ability to move with efficiency.  Evidence of these gaps can show up as – but not limited to – impaired balance, falling asleep during activities such as reading or driving, frequent falls or injuries, difficulty paying attention (i.e. ADHD), vertigo or dizziness, and alignment issues resulting in pain or discomfort in the body.  Neuro-movement drills help to find and address these gaps for each individual, and when paired with Pilates it can help bridge the gap to improve their balance, coordination, reaction time, attention span, and overall quality of life.