Small Group Training

Duet Training

Want to train with a friend? Duet training is one teacher training you and one other student on our premium Pilates equipment.  These sessions are more individualized to both of your movement needs than a large group class setting, but still has the energy and flow like a class.  Bring your mom, your dad, your spouse, your child, or your friend and spend quality time with them and your body.  

Investment in Duet Training is $46/student ($92 total) for a 55 minute appointment.  Visit our booking page at to book your appointment.  

Pilates Mat Classes

We cap classes at eight students to ensure individualized attention and personal corrections for all. Strengthen your core, abs, legs and arms in this full-body experience.  Focusing on Pilates principles, this class will build the body strong from the inside out.  

Mat work is low-to-no impact and friendly to the body, while still giving you a run for your money! Using your natural body weight and gravity for movements, you will feel your core working, and your muscles strengthening.  

All levels and abilities are welcome, as classes offer modifications for all to make the moves more or less challenging.  Class may also use some small Pilates props such as rings, bands, hand weights, balls, blocks, foam rollers, Fletcher towels, and more to add additional variety.

  • Gain core strength to decrease chronic pain
  • Increase flexibility to stay agile
  • Improve posture for added confidence
  • Build balanced muscles to stay well-rounded in your fitness
  • Strengthen abdominal muscles to increase your overall power
  • Center your mind to decrease stress
  • Improve your focus
  • Perform joint-healthy movement that is all low-to-no impact
  • Increase stamina to keep up with your children and/or grandchildren
  • Improve balance to prevent injuries

Come and try your first mat class for free*!  Contact us to reserve a seat for a complimentary introductory class Or Use Code “trialMat” when booking online.

*local studentsonly please

If you sign-up for a session in-full, a seat is held for you the whole month.  To help students progress, once you’ve joined a session each month we allow current students the first right to continue to save their seat for that class day and time. Classes will be released online for the next month on the last week of the month.
Single classes are open and can be reserved based on availability.  Seats are held at a first-come, first-serve basis, and should be reserved at least 24-hours ahead of time by visiting or contacting us via e-mail or phone.

Pilates Equipment Classes

Pilates Equipment Classes occur weekly and include a 50 minute workout on the large Pilates apparatus. These classes cap at 3-4 students to maximize individualized attention and feedback in a small group setting. Message ahead of time to reserve your seat, as space is limited. Class fee is $40 per student.

*While experience on the equipment is preferred, it is not necessary. However, experience with the Pilates Method at Waveforms Pilates is required. New students can try our mat classes or one-on-one sessions before attending a Small Group Equipment Workshop.

Specialty Workshops

We’re ready to help you “roll your body into the holidays” with this Hard Roller Workshop on Sunday, December 18th at 11am. Erin will lead you through Pilates exercises to connect your body through the use of the hard roller and leave you feeling great going into the Holiday-Christmas season.

Class fee is $20, capped at 8 students total. Sign up online at or email

Bring your friend, and enjoy the Pilates work enhanced by this hard roller prop!
Join Erin in a circuit style equipment class on December 18th at 10am. In this class, each student will cycle through utilizing the Reformer, Trapeze Table, and Magic Circles for enhanced strength training and increased flexibility.
Class fee is $40, and capped at 4 students total. Sign up online at or email
Sweat and stretch with us! We hope to see you there

This is a workshop that we offer quarterly to help teach the fundamentals of a Pilates practice.  Over the course of four weeks, we take an active learning approach to teach about the Pilates Method and Pilates Movement Principles. Learn about the fundamentals for a safe and effective Pilates practice to begin your Pilates journey, or use this course to help deepen your existing Pilates practice as we return to the foundational work of the Pilates Method.  More details on the format of this workshop can be found here. The workshop is open to ages 13 and up, any level of experience is welcome.  If interested in participating, or finding out more details please fill out the below survey link and we will reach out to you: