One-on-One Sessions

Personal Sessions Focused on YOU

Enjoy a session based all-around you!  Pilates one-on-one sessions help you take Pilates movement to the next level.  This focused session will have you working on Pilates equipment as well as the mat and is adapted to your specific goals and needs.  Discover a full mind-body experience and learn more about your body’s alignment. Work towards efficient muscle patterns and balanced strength.

Working one-on-one helps you hone in on the details of the work in a space that is peaceful and serene.  With the instructor focused on you, there are no distractions, which helps in deepening your Pilates practice for mind and body.  Let your workout be a retreat from the busyness of the day-to-day, and a sacred time for you to listen to and honor your body.  We live in our bodies everyday after all, now it’s time to treat your body well.

    • Individualized sessions based on your personal needs and specific goals
    • 100% focus on your body and form throughout the movements
    • Paced to your ability and level
    • Gives you accountability for your workout
    • Train on not just the mat, but with premium Pilates equipment
    • Great for people with special considerations, injuries, sports-performance goals, or health conditions
    • Work with fully certified-instructors of the Pilates Method

Investment for one-on-one training is:  

  • $65/session, or $600/10 sessions for a 55 minute appointment
  • $35/session for a 30 minute appointment

All one-on-one students receive a complimentary 20-minute consultation prior to the first session at the studio.   This consultation includes: asking any questions you may have about Pilates training, filling out your student profile/health history form, talking about your specific goals for Pilates training, and a brief movement or postural analysis and range-of-motion assessment.  A consultation can be booked on its own (20-minute appointment), or in conjunction with your first session.

All sessions are by appointment only, contact Waveforms Pilates to schedule your consultation and first session today!