“I’ve worked with many Pilates instructors, but Molly is by far the best.  She truly knows her client’s bodies and is able to develop sessions specifically tailored to you and builds on those to strengthen your weaknesses.  I consider her extensive dance background an asset which only strengthens her teaching methods in Pilates.  Molly teaches perfect form in every exercise in language that is easily adaptable and gives very descriptive and memorable cues that enabled me to truly get the most out of my sessions. I know I will hear those cues and corrections in my head for the rest of my Pilates journey!  I attribute my love of and addiction to Pilates to Molly. Anyone who works with her instantly recognizes her passion for Pilates along with her care and dedication to her clients.  Anyone who has the pleasure to work with Molly will not be disappointed!”  -Misty C., Chicago, IL

“I was fortunate enough to have Molly Jo recommended to me by a friend. She is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Pilates and has a keen interest in continually developing her skills and a strong commitment to professional development.  I have multiple sclerosis and Molly Jo has a clear understanding of the ways in which Pilates can benefit students with neurological conditions. In the time I have worked with Molly Jo I have found her to be a fantastic instructor so, having now moved home to Scotland, I continue to have weekly lessons with her over Skype. I am grateful for her dedication and the way she has worked with me to improve my balance, flexibility, and strength.”  -Gillian S., Scotland

“Pilates has not only helped me work different muscles and become more limber, it has made me more aware of and corrected my posture.  It also made me more curious about body control and movement in general; so much so that it was while working with Molly Jo that it led me on a path to explore and begin a dance journey for the first time– beginning with ballet, then modern dance, eventually Hip Hop, and tap dance.  Molly Jo is very passionate, has a great amount of knowledge and expertise, and genuinely cares for her clients– we got along quickly from the start, and it’s easy to see she builds a rapport with her other clients just as well…  Molly Jo is also very patient and encouraging.  There are times during a session where I don’t think I have it in me to do more, or I may feel skeptical about my ability to do a movement that she had just demonstrated– without fail she’s always been able to get me to do the extra rep or two or talk me through the movement.”  -Roger N., Chicago, IL

“I came to Pilates looking for relief from lower back pain. I had been an avid yoga practitioner for almost a decade and didn’t like how back pain was interfering with my yoga practice. I am so glad that Molly Jo was my first Pilates teacher!  She is patient, encouraging, passionate, and clear in her explanations of Pilates methodology.  She has an intuitive sense about when to challenge me and always does so in a positive and safe way. She possesses a lot of knowledge about anatomy and I always felt very comfortable and trusting of her teaching and instruction.  Molly Jo always brings a smile and is a joy to work with.  I highly recommend learning from her!” -Annie F., Park Ridge, IL

“We have worked with Molly Jo twice a week for two years and started seeing results like less back pain, more flexibility and a smaller waist line within the first couple weeks. Molly’s sessions are the best we have found because she choreographs each set of movements gracefully, and each movement builds upon the next allowing for noticeable improvement throughout the course of a single session. She is lively and fun and a master at cueing each movement in a clear manner so you always feel confident in your work together.” – Laura & Quinn R., Chicago, IL