“Courtney Holcomb creates a custom Pilates workout every session that is both professional and fun.  My posture and alignment has improved immensely since I first started.  I’m even able to correct myself now that I have a deeper understanding.  I have also noticed longer and more lean muscles in my whole body, but most notable in my legs, which is the area I was trying to work on.” – Kerrie M., Appleton, WI

“I came to Pilates looking for relief from lower back pain. I had been an avid yoga practitioner for almost a decade and didn’t like how back pain was interfering with my yoga practice. I am so glad that Molly Jo was my first Pilates teacher!  She is patient, encouraging, passionate, and clear in her explanations of Pilates methodology.  She has an intuitive sense about when to challenge me and always does so in a positive and safe way. She possesses a lot of knowledge about anatomy and I always felt very comfortable and trusting of her teaching and instruction.  Molly Jo always brings a smile and is a joy to work with.  I highly recommend learning from her!” -Annie F., Park Ridge, IL

“As an avid athlete (runner, Yogi, triathlete, gym rat), I’ve had the opportunity to train with many wonderful instructors.  Courtney is at the top of that list.  She has a vast wealth of knowledge & expertise.  She also has a passion that is contagious.  She challenges me in every class, but in a kind and gentle manner.  Thanks to our weekly sessions I am now stronger, more focused, and more flexible.  I would encourage anyone at any fitness level who is looking to enhance their lives through Pilates to contact Waveforms Pilates.” – Carolyn C., Appleton, WI, Click to read more of her story.

“Courtney is very passionate about what she does. She truly believes in what she teaches and practices what she preaches!  She is also extremely knowledgeable. I am also in the fitness industry and have learned so much from her in the few sessions I have had. Whether you are looking to get back into exercise or already have a fitness regimen Courtney will be able to cater to your fitness level and make you feel comfortable with what you are capable of while still challenging you.  These are all things that go a LONG ways when you are looking to get results!” – Emily B., Neenah, WI

“We have worked with Molly Jo twice a week for two years and started seeing results like less back pain, more flexibility and a smaller waist line within the first couple weeks. Molly’s sessions are the best we have found because she choreographs each set of movements gracefully, and each movement builds upon the next allowing for noticeable improvement throughout the course of a single session. She is lively and fun and a master at cueing each movement in a clear manner so you always feel confident in your work together.” – Laura & Quinn R., Chicago, IL

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